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I’m here!

Life has been bringing some unexpected surprises – some happy, some sad, but all good.

I like to trust that all things turn to good.

Funny how life works. Just when new and exciting things happen, walls come crashing – or so it seems. So what do you do? Forget about all that once sparkled and shined? I choose not! Right as I began to, I took my camera to the kitchen.

There’s something about being creative in a kitchen that puts my heart in a place of contentment.  Seeing that I could let life’s surprises push me away from that, leaves me regretful. Sorry, pride.

Sure, this road has made a slight change in direction, but I won’t let it rob me of what brings joy. You think I’m silly, but I really do care about take good bites!

About the new job. I’m really excited about it! I just got back from training at Sona’s corporate office in North Carolina. I spoke to the top dogs and got to wear heels everyday! The most exciting thing was learning exactly what my job entails. My role as the Lifestyle Educator is to keep clients on track through their weight loss journey from beginning to end. If you’re a woman, you know that losing weight comes with challenges. Sona recognizes these challenges by providing encouragement along with their program. That’s me. If I perform as I was trained to, the success rate will be higher and pant sizes will be smaller. I’m ready!

Want to see some food? Because I actually made some today. It’s called falafel and prepackaged.

I get excited about adding new things to my grocery buggy.

I’ll be hopeless if flat out wraps ever go out of style.

flat out. falafel. hummus. mustard. tomato. onion. spinach. salt. pepper.

I baked one too many falafels. It was eaten with a hint of mustard. Mustard is a MUST with falafel. I imagine blandness without it.

What I did:

baked falafel. spread hummus. swirled mustard. placed tomato, onion and spinach. sliced falafel. rolled flat out.

Is it even necessary to include such simple instructions? It’s time to advance my recipes, like making my own falafels. take good bites is worthier than prepackaged, eh?

I want to believe I have people that take interest in take good bites. Somewhere along this blogging journey, I hope there’s a reader that falls upon my blog and finds the same contentment I do through accidentally smudging mustard on my camera.

Time to clean up…


{garlic snap peas for snacking}

Surely it’s known by now that I’m a vegetarian. I really don’t even like putting a label on my diet.  I’m not a vegetable eating somebody, I just don’t eat meat.

I haven’t purposely avoided coming out of the vegetarian closet, per se. I just didn’t want my blog to be all about vegetarianism, but instead about being healthy. Ya know – taking good bites.

Now, for me, adopting a vegetarian lifestyle didn’t just happen over night. Much research was done prior to the adjustment in order to assure that this drastic change would be a healthy one. Originally, the process of factory farming was what turned me on to a plant-based diet, but over the past two years, more research has led me to believe that this is also the healthiest way to fuel my body.  Not once have I thought about turning back and not once have I thought about investing in a vegetarian bumper sticker.

This way of eating has never been a challenge for me, but answering the many questions that come my way, at times has been. I know you’ve got questions. I’ve got answers. Next time let’s talk about how I avoid the cause of illness people assume I’m dying of. Protein deficiency.

It’s only been two days and I already miss scrambling my kitchen creations from countertop to countertop searching for the perfect lighting. Although there are things I miss about being home, I’m also glad to be in a place that’s so foreign to what I’m used to. It’s these new surroundings that have forced me to think differently, view my days differently, and even use my camera differently. Tomatoes aren’t always the most fun things to take pictures of.

If you’re close to me, you know that I am a very structured person. This is even true when it comes to the order of events that happen throughout my day. Now, most days I am very grateful for such a personality because it leads to very few surprises. But, BUT, this personality can also be exhausting when energy is put into planning, organizing, and controlling each day so that surprises are avoided.

Creed, Colorado has helped me embrace surprises.

This afternoon we took a 4-wheel drive trail through the mountains to a mining museum. This drive wasn’t in the itinerary and since it wasn’t, snacks weren’t prepared. This simple change in our day had me silent because of hunger and lack of control over the decision. Call me silly.

This change in plans was what lead to the happiest moment I’ve had on this trip yet. At the museum, the tour guide handed me a bag of crackers with no explanation. As soon as the rattling of the bag was heard, my new little friend came running probably more hungry than I thought I was. I fed a chipmunk from my hand, on a mountain, with a sweatshirt on, in the summer! That never happens in Texas.

I know I’ll wake up tomorrow asking for another surprise.

I’m hours away from being this girl again, somewhere in Colorado, bewildered by my God’s creation. No make-up will be worn, no phone will be used, no treadmill will be touched, but my camera will not leave my hand.

6 days on mountain.

I’m that type of chef (we’re all chefs) that will buy groceries by the day according to what sounds appealing. I don’t enjoy disrespecting my taste buds by eating something that would displease them. Crazy?  No, because you know we all do it.  We get hungry, make our way to the kitchen, and stare at a fridge full of food we don’t want.  After unwanted food is eaten, we walk away from our nibbled at plate with our irritated face.  I kicked the controlling routine of buying and planning my weekly grocery list after realizing my irritating face had irritated me to my wits end.

Through this discovery I have found eating as an act of service.  I don’t eat just to eat, but eat because it’s what my body needs to function efficiently. I serve my body by fueling it with the nutrients and flavors it asks for.

Now let’s be real, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry and anything sounds delish.  When that’s the case, welp, you’ve saved yourself a trip the grocery store. That’s why I find it fair to always have those few things that are at the top of your list as taste bud pleasers.

When I’ve discovered my cravings, but creativity is lacking in the kitchen, I’ll hobble over to another blog for inspiration. In a case like this, I promise to always give credit where credit is due. Doughing Rogue is one that deserves full recognition for providing a recipe that was exactly what seemed appetizing after yesterday’s long day of heat. I wanted a cold, light, fresh, produce filled meal, and this summer salad made all those eating dreams come true.

{I didn’t know how to cut a mango, but google did}

{almost too fun to eat}

{I tweaked the recipe by spicing my fries up with cayenne pepper}

{the spice of cayenne and sweetness of mango was strangely right}

{lacking protein, but surely not flavor}

oil. salt. cayenne. sweet potato. mango. bell pepper. leafy green romaine. balsamic vinaigrette.

Sometimes our taste buds just don’t line up.

I could have snapped pictures of this blondilocks until my fingers went numb.  She was entirely unaware that I was capturing every imaginative move that was made.  Not because I was being sneaky Hannah, but because she was so lost in her joy for playing my little pony that nothing else mattered.

As I watched, and listened, and captured (all when I was suppose to be playing rainbow haired pony) I couldn’t help but miss the moments she was living.  Here she was in a room with no noise, no other little ones to keep her company, and still as pleased as ever.

I continued with my camera as she continued with her pony.

I love taking pictures. At times, I feel as though they turn out no better than what little blondilocks here could have done if I handed the camera to her.  I too often take a picture, look at it, judge it, and most oftenly trash it. But somewhere in between the time of envying blodilock’s moment and taking my first picture, I found myself taking another snap immediately after the first. There was no viewing, no judging, and no trashing. Only snapping.

And before I knew it, there were two silent blodilocks in the room, lost, with imaginations too big to envy.

I don’t care how early it is, if a cup of tea is involved, i’m an a-okay girl. It’s even better if it’s combined with a page or two from a good book. Talking to a journal also makes for a good cup, but there’s no better combination than tea and rain. Especially when you’ve been living in 100 degree weather for forty days straight. And maybe I didn’t actually hear rain, or see rain this morning, but the raindrops did their share by lasting on my car long enough for me to see. That’s enough to make my morning more soothing than the one before.

Meet the bride. Last night I went with one of my best friends, Casey, to pick up her wedding dress.  There is nothing more special that sharing sweet wedding moments with a bride, especially if there’s a secret involved.

Her day is right around the corner. Stay tuned to see her secret revealed.

Now, I must go enjoy this 80 degree weather before it leaves me for another forty days.

hearty. It’s an adjective with multiple meanings, but one in particular stands out above the others.


adj. heart·i·erheart·i·est

Providing abundant nourishment: substantial

I assume that when most people use this word, they choose to use it when referring to a meal. But why not use it in other ways? Many things can be hearty. Today, I choose to use the adjective however I please. Today, I also choose to create my first hearty blog.  But before my blog, there was was a hearty afternoon shower that involved some chemical free goat’s milk soap that my precious mom gifted me with from here. You can now have a hearty shower yourself! And before that shower was a hearty lunch that was prepared while listening to hearty music. Before lunch there was a morning that began at 5:30 am. If it weren’t for the hearty conversation that was shared with my  sweaty, hard working client, I wouldn’t have survived to see the sun come up. It made for a very hearty morning. In some way or another, each of these ordinary occurrences filled my heart will joy and satisfaction.

And then there was the carrot. Just as I was taking a scrumptious nibble from my hearty carrot, my permanent  retainer popped off. Just like that my completely hearty day was not so complete anymore.  Lesson learned: unhearty things must occur in order to have a healthy balanced hearty day. Remember that!

You must know, I’m no professional writer, chef, photographer, nutritionist, or blogger for that matter, and I’m not on the pursuit to become one. However, these are all things I will share with you as I journey down the road of blogging. My hope is that my random, silly, impulsively irrational posts will leave you inspired to do what satisfies your own heart.

Until next time,

Be hearty!

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