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There was a pit stop in Amarillo at The Big Texan. It only seemed appropriate.

We made it to my Aunt and Uncle’s cabin early this morning. There were cups of coffee waiting to be shared with crisp air and pretty views.

An afternoon of hiking was the perfect medicine after a 14 hours car ride.

There’s so much more flavor in a raspberry that’s been picked right off the vine.

Fulfilled, and it’s only day one.


I could have snapped pictures of this blondilocks until my fingers went numb.  She was entirely unaware that I was capturing every imaginative move that was made.  Not because I was being sneaky Hannah, but because she was so lost in her joy for playing my little pony that nothing else mattered.

As I watched, and listened, and captured (all when I was suppose to be playing rainbow haired pony) I couldn’t help but miss the moments she was living.  Here she was in a room with no noise, no other little ones to keep her company, and still as pleased as ever.

I continued with my camera as she continued with her pony.

I love taking pictures. At times, I feel as though they turn out no better than what little blondilocks here could have done if I handed the camera to her.  I too often take a picture, look at it, judge it, and most oftenly trash it. But somewhere in between the time of envying blodilock’s moment and taking my first picture, I found myself taking another snap immediately after the first. There was no viewing, no judging, and no trashing. Only snapping.

And before I knew it, there were two silent blodilocks in the room, lost, with imaginations too big to envy.

Today, this guy taught me all about aperture. Meet my Colt.  He’s my smart boyfriend that teaches me lots of things about being smart. You’ll be seeing lots of him, because there aren’t many days I choose to be without him. One day he’ll get a more formal, drawn out introduction, but until then, just remember him as my Colt.

My aperture lesson was introduced by this pretty fella. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell ya that all other 15 shots were either out of focus or a shot of everything but pretty fella.

This is when I became more interested in taking pictures of my Colt…. the prettier fella.

After a few shots, I tried to get a bad picture of him.

But handsome Colts don’t take bad pictures.

I’m still learning how to stop taking his picture.

After today’s lesson, I couldn’t tell you much about aperture, but I could tell you that if it involves the one you love, it will most likely be a fun lesson.

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