Snacks are important. Without them your 3 o’clock work hour may become the hour of heavy eyelids and shuffling feet. This is a no-no for the working girl. When you’re on the clock, it’s time to work – get things done – be productive – be smart – be motivated – ya know, work! These things happen when we’re supplied with the right kind of nutrients. We want to snack on the things that are going to give our brains and bodies a moderate yet sustainable amount of sugar, and avoid the foods that will spike us one minute and crash us the next.

The good bites you’ll find in my snack drawer:

Fruit – This weeks it’s apples. Last week is was cuties.

Justin’s nut butter. I love their perfect little snack packs. It’s a great day of snacking when I have an apple to pair it with.

Bear Naked Fit granola. You might eat a handful too much of this stuff. Beware.

Banana chips. Another favorite addition to Justin’s nut butter.

We all could use more veggies in our lives. You’re only human to want to somehow disguise the taste of greens, but I’ve found that carrots and their sweetness are yummy alone. I hear when you learn to like em’ your eyes might begin to sparkle.

Water. Lots and lots of water.

Take good bites and your drive to be a successful working girl will last long through that 3 o’clock hour.