Let me tell you about my relationship with coffee – because you can have relationships with things other than people, you know. ¬†Coffee has been there for me when my afternoon’s supply of energy is crashing and also when I’ve desired a sweet treat to drink. I love it – but hate that I can never make a cup like Starbucks does. This Starbucks obsession may have had something to do with my empty pantry… but that was last month because it was just a week ago that I discovered Teeccino caffeine-free herbal coffee. Before I begin to tell you the ways in which Teeccino has changed my life, I must first explain what led me to find an alternative.

Since starting my new job, I strangely adapted the habit of making a cup of coffee every morning for my ride to work. I wish I could explain where this came from. I’ve never been a morning coffee drinker! But it happened and I wasn’t pleased with how my body was responding to it. I’d begin the day’s work and noticed my thoughts becoming foggy and farty. This was from just one cup! I did some research and discovered that caffeine limits the amount of oxygen that is able to get through to your brain (you’ll never see my vocabulary get any more scientific than that). I had to find an alternative.


This particular drink happened to be made into an iced cup, but I prefer it freshly brewed. I can’t even begin to explain how much more I prefer this over regular coffee. Not even the best, most famous Starbucks barista could brew what my coffee maker does with Teeccino.

With coffee, I’m having to add some sort of sweetener due to its unavoidable bitterness. Not with Teeccino! If anything is added, it’s a hint of almond milk, but just a hint because too much can overpower the sweetness that already exists.

Make a trip to your nearest natural grocery store, give it a try , and be thankful that coffee doesn’t have feelings.