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I’m not lying when I say that this is the first time in the last 3 weeks I’ve been able to lazy down on my couch with my lappy and let my brain think of things other than”be professional”.  I desperately need an extra day in the week to grocery shop, cook, capture, write & VEG. Come on, Thanksgiving!

I’m pictureless this post. You devoted readers deserve so much more than just a grey and white page – but isn’t there a saying about good things coming to those who are patient? If not, then you should know that this IS true for the readers of take good bites. You just wait. I’ll learn time management.

I’m still alive and I just wanted you to know.


I put much thought into birthday gifts.  Which is good – to an extent.  But when the contemplation results in the birthday recipient receiving a late birthday gift, you’ve gone overboard.  Birthday gifts should be thoughtful and all, but they should also be on time.  My Colt’s came late this year, which must now mean the hunt needs to begin one two months in advance. I’m aware that this puts me in the gift shopper extremist category.

One of my favorite resources for gift shopping is They provide a bunch of fun ideas I could never come up with myself. It’s perfect for the online shopper that is constantly on the hunt for convenience, unbeatable prices, and crowdless spaces.
This guy was perfect for my Colt. A re-purposed wine bottle that has been turned into a home for basil!

Colt eats pizza like he invented it – so when I spotted this, I knew there couldn’t be anything better.  It was the perfect addition to the pizza stone he got last year. Theme is key when finding your gift soul mate.

I knew he loved it the moment I got the first update on the status of his baby basil sprouts. He loves it!

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