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I can remember the days when time allowed a moment to actually get my cutting board messy in the kitchen.  Lately, it’s been a good one if I even step foot in a kitchen. The new job is forcing new eating routines. I’m learning to adapt to this challenge. No longer can I run to my kitchen for lunch and easily prepare a vegetarian meal based on the abundant veggie options that are kept readily available. Instead, I’m forced to put all insecurities aside and embrace my vegetarian lifestyle in situations that may not support it. Life is happening and it’s encouraging growth.

Growth is good.

Sometimes I’ll make food based on its expiration date. The spinach in my fridge was on its last whim, so I respected it by eating it.

This was a 50/50 salad. 50% fresh, 50% frozen and perfect for the hard working, wanna-be-good-to-your-body eaters out there. There was that one time I made fresh cut sweet potato fries, but let me remind you that this was when time ticked in my favor. The fries for this salad however, came from the second 50. The freezer. As did that pretty, fake grill-marked veggie patty.

salad podge:

spinach. red onion. bell pepper. tomato. sweet potato fries. veggie burger. balsamic vinaigrette.

I can’t decide if I loved this salad for the flavor or for the convenience. You decide.


I’m here!

Life has been bringing some unexpected surprises – some happy, some sad, but all good.

I like to trust that all things turn to good.

Funny how life works. Just when new and exciting things happen, walls come crashing – or so it seems. So what do you do? Forget about all that once sparkled and shined? I choose not! Right as I began to, I took my camera to the kitchen.

There’s something about being creative in a kitchen that puts my heart in a place of contentment.  Seeing that I could let life’s surprises push me away from that, leaves me regretful. Sorry, pride.

Sure, this road has made a slight change in direction, but I won’t let it rob me of what brings joy. You think I’m silly, but I really do care about take good bites!

About the new job. I’m really excited about it! I just got back from training at Sona’s corporate office in North Carolina. I spoke to the top dogs and got to wear heels everyday! The most exciting thing was learning exactly what my job entails. My role as the Lifestyle Educator is to keep clients on track through their weight loss journey from beginning to end. If you’re a woman, you know that losing weight comes with challenges. Sona recognizes these challenges by providing encouragement along with their program. That’s me. If I perform as I was trained to, the success rate will be higher and pant sizes will be smaller. I’m ready!

Want to see some food? Because I actually made some today. It’s called falafel and prepackaged.

I get excited about adding new things to my grocery buggy.

I’ll be hopeless if flat out wraps ever go out of style.

flat out. falafel. hummus. mustard. tomato. onion. spinach. salt. pepper.

I baked one too many falafels. It was eaten with a hint of mustard. Mustard is a MUST with falafel. I imagine blandness without it.

What I did:

baked falafel. spread hummus. swirled mustard. placed tomato, onion and spinach. sliced falafel. rolled flat out.

Is it even necessary to include such simple instructions? It’s time to advance my recipes, like making my own falafels. take good bites is worthier than prepackaged, eh?

I want to believe I have people that take interest in take good bites. Somewhere along this blogging journey, I hope there’s a reader that falls upon my blog and finds the same contentment I do through accidentally smudging mustard on my camera.

Time to clean up…

I know my last post just briefly touched on the reasons for my absence, but now I can get serious with y’all. Details? Well, the past two weeks have consisted of a couple interviews and one deserving, yet rewarding Sprinkles cupcake.

{I like to justify my decision of eating sugary goods}

Yesterday there was the cupcake because I felt as if I dominated my second interview. Or maybe it was the anxiety that lead to the cupcake. Either way, it was too good and worth every flake of sugary coconut.   Then, today there was my all time favorite Braums-single-dipped-cappuccino-chocolate-chunk-frozen-yogurt. Instead of heading for the sugar due to an anxiety overload, these bites of delights were made in celebration of the news I received today. Two intense interviews and one cupcake later – I got the job! I am oh so happy. I’ve really enjoyed the last 8 months I’ve spent as a personal trainer. In fact, if it weren’t for the great women that came to me in the hopes that I could help them reach their dreams of gaining a new life, then I wouldn’t have known how to find mine.

More deets? I’ll be working for Sona MedSpa as a Lifestyle Educator. It’s practically what I’ve done at the gym minus exercise programs and tennis shoes. I’m so glad this isn’t a dream.

I’m not real sure what this means for takegoodbites. I want to continue my new found fun hobby, but from what I hear, big girl jobs pay the bills. Hobbies don’t. Honestly though, who knows! I could become a Lifestyle Educator that works in an office and online, but never again in tennis shoes.

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