I’ve been away from takegoodbites for a day too long. My fridge doesn’t happen to be empty, nor is there much free space on my camera’s memory card.  My yummy favorites are still made, but sometimes the only free breathes I’m able to take are those that happen when I’m getting some shut eye. Ya follow?

I really love the flavors of Mexican food. I’m grateful for this, considering the number of vegetarian friendly options the cuisine offers. Mexican food makes being a vegetarian simple. People don’t ask question when a cheese quesadilla is ordered – simple!

No mexican flavored meal is complete without guacamole.

{avocado, cilantro, onion, and salt}

My Colt got all fancy and bought organic cilantro. What a guy!

An apron should actually be worn during the making of guacamole.

I like to leave some texture in my guacamole, so I go easy on the smashing. Some like theirs creamy, while others like theirs limy. Spice can be added by slicing some jalapenos. Different days bring different moods from the taste buds – therefore; tomorrow might come with a few more smashes.

One thing that doesn’t change with my guacamole are my chips. If baked is an option, I grab em’. If you want to take good bites, you will too!

Guacamole alone isn’t sufficient in nutrients to complete a meal. Although hunger could be surpassed with a bowl of healthy fatty quac, you don’t want to overdose. Can’t let the “healthy” overpower the “fatty.”

A variety of vitamins were added after sauteing some veggies.

 You betcha I went back for seconds.