It’s been 5 hours since breakfast, and I feel as though I could go another 5 – although it’s against my metabolism’s religion to go more than 2.  This 2 hour regimen may partially have to do with the fact that my job requires me to lift, move, and hand my LOA friends dumbbells all morning long. One client in, and my blood has used up all the sugar from my peanut butter covered banana breakfast. When I know my morning calls for lots of work and little break time, I prepare a breakfast that will keep me far from famished.

{transform a mini breakfast into a lasting one}

{you’re not the only one that thinks I eat bird food}

1/2 banana. 1/2 apple – team granny smith fuji! dollop plain greek yogurt. dollop peanut butter. 1/2 cup oats. chia seeds.

{the messier you make it, the tastier. trust}

It’s all in the oats. I don’t know how those guys do it, but they keep hunger away longer than I’ve pleaded all other breakfasts to – and without making me feel all icky. They’re comfy oats. In fact, Oh She Glows can tell you all you need to know about oats. She’s the oats expert that finds ways to change her oats to fit her seasons. Amazing! Her Fall spice oatmeal recipe is first on my list to try come Friday.


Friday is the first day of Fall, yall!

Next time you see this breakfast, pumpkin will have replaced the banana. Every banana!