Yesterday, my girl Hannah and I made the best use of this new breezy coolness by playing in it.  She asked if I’d put her through a sweat session and the weather was just too inviting to reject, so I grabbed my healthy goodies and found an open field perfect for the job.

Putting Hannah’s pain aside, it was one of the best workouts that not one gym has ever provided. I’ll take grassy shoes over germy workout machines any day.

It takes investing in a few pieces of equipment, but if you make the wise move of stopping into your nearest TJMaxx, I betcha you’ll find yourself a bargain. TJ is where I got all five of my favorite workout goodies and still had a few pennies left over for my Starbucks caffè misto.

yoga mat. medicine ball. resistance band. kettlebell. dumbbells.

With a little creativity, I was able to come up with 5 supersets that hit just about every muscle group.  Every superset consisted of two exercises where 8-15 repetitions were completed for each exercise. The system I went by was one that alternated between upper body and lower body. This gives each muscle group time to recoup before pushing it to its limits with the second set. After completing both exercises (one superset), with little rest in between, we went on to repeat the same superset over again. After superset one, came superset two. This workout keeps our heart rates up while simultaneously making our muscles scream mercy. Fat can’t help but flee.

{that’s what I call leading by example}

Let me share:

sumo squat with side leg lifts (kettlebell) – reverse fly (dumbbells)

walking lunges (dumbbells) – lat pull over on swiss ball (kettlebell)

shuffle (resistance band) – upright row (resistance band)

squats to shoulder press (kettlebell) – tricep kickbacks (dumbells)

kettlebell swings – push ups

The weather is here, as is that grassy field. It’s just your job to go find it.