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I mentioned the whole protein deficiency thing because it’s the first thing I’m asked when I tell someone I’m a vegetarian. If it’s not asked, I know it’s wondered so I do my carnivore friends a favor by answering their unasked question anyway.

Protein. Where do I get it?

Strangely, it’s assumed that the only way we get protein is through eating meat. When really, there are so many other protein rich foods that non-vegetarians already eat. It’s not that vegetarians are lacking protein, there’s just a misconception as to what foods actually contain protein. The good kind. That’s humane, cholesterol, fat, and pesticide free.

For breakfast you got your oat. Keep it old fashioned.

These hearty goodies come in at 5 grams of protein per serving, and if you’re hungry like I was this morning, you’ll have two servings (1 cup). You know I’m all about eating intuitively, which is why some mornings call for cold oats instead of hot oatmealy ones. Opposed to being normal and warming my Quaker oats in water or milk, I planned ahead and let my oats soak in cold, unsweetened almond milk. After a 2 hour soak in the fridge, they had puffed up and were ready to meet a portion of my body’s protein needs.

In my oats:

unsweetened almond milk. chia seeds. spoonful of Truvia. dash of cinnamon.

It’ll be awhile before I go back to my old warm oats ways.

For dinner, you got your tacos.

TVP is the best. I get mine from Whole Foods where it’s made from soybeans, but can be flavored to taste like meat. At 12 grams of protein per serving, I’ve learned to get real creative with this stuff. Tacos, sloppy joes, and chili are my favorite TVP meals.

Here’s where I get all crazy on ya and use generic taco seasoning. Sometimes old ways are the best ways.

{clean, flavorful protein}

What I used:

tortillas. veggies. (I chose tomato, yellow pepper, red pepper, and was sad to not have an avocado). TVP. seasoning. your favorite cheese – I used feta. cilantro.

What I did:

sliced my veggies. sautéed veggies after heating up a quarter size of olive oil. TVP. (3 minute directions included on bag). added seasoning to TVP – let your taste buds decide how much – It’s your taco. layered tortilla with TVP, veggies, cilantro, cheese.

Simplest vegetarian, protein filled meal out there.

This life as a vegetarian has definitely allowed my taste buds to try things I never knew existed. TVP? WTH! It’s also forced me to do my research and assure that I’m getting my body’s needed nutrients. When you know what you’re eating, your body will thank you.