{garlic snap peas for snacking}

Surely it’s known by now that I’m a vegetarian. I really don’t even like putting a label on my diet.  I’m not a vegetable eating somebody, I just don’t eat meat.

I haven’t purposely avoided coming out of the vegetarian closet, per se. I just didn’t want my blog to be all about vegetarianism, but instead about being healthy. Ya know – taking good bites.

Now, for me, adopting a vegetarian lifestyle didn’t just happen over night. Much research was done prior to the adjustment in order to assure that this drastic change would be a healthy one. Originally, the process of factory farming was what turned me on to a plant-based diet, but over the past two years, more research has led me to believe that this is also the healthiest way to fuel my body.  Not once have I thought about turning back and not once have I thought about investing in a vegetarian bumper sticker.

This way of eating has never been a challenge for me, but answering the many questions that come my way, at times has been. I know you’ve got questions. I’ve got answers. Next time let’s talk about how I avoid the cause of illness people assume I’m dying of. Protein deficiency.