It’s only been two days and I already miss scrambling my kitchen creations from countertop to countertop searching for the perfect lighting. Although there are things I miss about being home, I’m also glad to be in a place that’s so foreign to what I’m used to. It’s these new surroundings that have forced me to think differently, view my days differently, and even use my camera differently. Tomatoes aren’t always the most fun things to take pictures of.

If you’re close to me, you know that I am a very structured person. This is even true when it comes to the order of events that happen throughout my day. Now, most days I am very grateful for such a personality because it leads to very few surprises. But, BUT, this personality can also be exhausting when energy is put into planning, organizing, and controlling each day so that surprises are avoided.

Creed, Colorado has helped me embrace surprises.

This afternoon we took a 4-wheel drive trail through the mountains to a mining museum. This drive wasn’t in the itinerary and since it wasn’t, snacks weren’t prepared. This simple change in our day had me silent because of hunger and lack of control over the decision. Call me silly.

This change in plans was what lead to the happiest moment I’ve had on this trip yet. At the museum, the tour guide handed me a bag of crackers with no explanation. As soon as the rattling of the bag was heard, my new little friend came running probably more hungry than I thought I was. I fed a chipmunk from my hand, on a mountain, with a sweatshirt on, in the summer! That never happens in Texas.

I know I’ll wake up tomorrow asking for another surprise.