Light breakfasts are how I usually do things. When I say light, I mean I’ll grab a banana and hit the road. Bananas, apples, and grapes are my three go-to breakfast grabbers.  For one, because I love fruit.  Two, most mornings don’t allow time to prepare a sit down meal, and three, because when eaten alone, fruit is the stomach’s favorite and easiest thing to digest. Actually, Fit for Life told me that our stomachs don’t even digest fruit. It’s predigested before we even take a bite!  We eat em’ and their flavorful nutrients immediately shoot through our stomachs with no stalling.  Fruit is cleansing, not clogging. (Only G rated terms allowed) This is what makes for a refreshing, energetic morning.  When our stomachs are fresh, we feel fresh.  Kapeesh?

Occasionally, I’m up early enough to grab my fruit, train a couple of clients at the gym, and get back home hours before lunch. In a case like this, my fruit has done its cleansing thing (another G rated term for ya), but breakfast is still on my mind.  That’s when it’s time for nutrient packed breakfast number two. This one, a little more sustaining.


{always wash your produce like your momma says}

{crumbled feta, tomato, spinach, egg, flat out flatbread}


{1. sauté spinach with oil}

{2. add egg whites}

{3. combine with tomato}

{4. sprinkle with feta}

{eat the 5th favorite step}

There’s a typical double breakfast for ya. If a kitchen isn’t available, I’ll keep my favorite granola near by, but sometimes I’ll grab more fruit. Double fruit – Double cleanse.