I’m that type of chef (we’re all chefs) that will buy groceries by the day according to what sounds appealing. I don’t enjoy disrespecting my taste buds by eating something that would displease them. Crazy?  No, because you know we all do it.  We get hungry, make our way to the kitchen, and stare at a fridge full of food we don’t want.  After unwanted food is eaten, we walk away from our nibbled at plate with our irritated face.  I kicked the controlling routine of buying and planning my weekly grocery list after realizing my irritating face had irritated me to my wits end.

Through this discovery I have found eating as an act of service.  I don’t eat just to eat, but eat because it’s what my body needs to function efficiently. I serve my body by fueling it with the nutrients and flavors it asks for.

Now let’s be real, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry and anything sounds delish.  When that’s the case, welp, you’ve saved yourself a trip the grocery store. That’s why I find it fair to always have those few things that are at the top of your list as taste bud pleasers.

When I’ve discovered my cravings, but creativity is lacking in the kitchen, I’ll hobble over to another blog for inspiration. In a case like this, I promise to always give credit where credit is due. Doughing Rogue is one that deserves full recognition for providing a recipe that was exactly what seemed appetizing after yesterday’s long day of heat. I wanted a cold, light, fresh, produce filled meal, and this summer salad made all those eating dreams come true.

{I didn’t know how to cut a mango, but google did}

{almost too fun to eat}

{I tweaked the recipe by spicing my fries up with cayenne pepper}

{the spice of cayenne and sweetness of mango was strangely right}

{lacking protein, but surely not flavor}

oil. salt. cayenne. sweet potato. mango. bell pepper. leafy green romaine. balsamic vinaigrette.

Sometimes our taste buds just don’t line up.