Sometimes I just want an easy meal. Like a just-open-a-can-and-eat kind of meal. I can’t believe I’m about to tell you about a canned food meal! Maybe you’ll cut me some slack because half of it consisted of one of Amy’s soups. All her products are all natural and organic, so you don’t have to be scared about consuming all those nasty chemical germs everyone else puts in their soups.  Soups, for me, only happen on rare occasions.  I have to crave ’em.  I don’t know if it was because the temperature in my house just happened to be cooler than warm or if a two step meal was all I was in the mood for. Maybe it was a little bit of both, but today, I became an intuitive eater and made exactly what my body wanted.

After checking the ingredients on Amy’s soup, I found that the can consisted of two servings that could most likely be eaten in one sitting putting the entire can at 30 grams of sugar! Yikes. Amy advertises the sodium being low, but she failed to mention that she replaces the sodium with sugar. Caught ya, Amy. I fixed the problem by replacing the second serving of soup with protein filled garbanzo beans. After making a switch like that, hunger will keep its distance. Protein curbs hunger, sugar does not.

{half Amy’s – half gobanzo sufficed}

Left overs means I’ll have another easy lunch tomorrow, unless this time my intuition calls for creativity.