Bad things happen. Even to people that tend to only blog about happy days with scrumptious meals.

If a good sweat session has been checked off the day’s list, I can sense my muscles immediately pleading for a rush of protein. That’s when I’ll turn to a protein smoothie. It’s quick, easy, and involves no messes unless you get a little too excited about the chocolate vegan protein that was given to you to sample.  If excitement is involved, you might make a mess, which may lead to blogging about something you had no intention on blogging about.

Somewhere in between suppressing my excitement and finding the perfect lighting for my new food picture taking obsession, the blender lost it’s balance and timbered to the floor with no mercy. I had to say goodbye to my hopes of creating the perfect smoothie, yet remain faithful to you fellow readers.

So a smoothie was replaced with a sweet greek treat. The chia seeds are never ending!

A happy amount of plain greek yogurt. Pass up the flavored greek yogurt. It only adds unwanted grams of sugar.

Unsweetened cocoa power would be just as sufficient. Greek yogurt alone is packed with protein, which is why an additional 20 grams of protein powder was not necessary. No one needs more than 20 grams of protein in one sitting anyway. Unless your protein metabolizer is equivalent to Michael Phelps’.


{frozen nanner}

{sweetened with a generous amount of honey and truvia}

Once it’s mixed, the frozen naners transform the yogurt into what tastes like ice cream. After my first bite, I forget about there even being such a thing as a smoothie.

There will be many more opportunities to create the perfect smoothie, once that new blender arrives in the mail Monday. Bad things may happen, but they won’t stop good things from following.