The camera I use is one my parents gifted me with for my birthday over a year ago. At the time, I was thrilled and knew I’d capture many favorite moments with it. Another birthday passed and that very camera had to be dusted more times than it deserved. Since day one of takegoodbites, I told my birthday camera that never again would it be accompanied by dust.  Thus far, that promise has not been broken, and so the streak continues. 

This is the kind of breakfast you make if you can’t decide between oatmeal, apple with cinnamon, banana with peanut butter, or greek yogurt (bottom layer of the creation), so instead you create a bowl of them all. You’d be surprised as to how many hours will pass before your stomach monster comes back.

What’s in my bowl:

fuji apple. naner. peanut butter. greek yogurt. old fashioned oats. chia seeds.

If I could tell you why I use chia seeds I would, but to me they’re tasteless and birdfoodlookingish.  They’ve sat in my pantry ever since they were used in a cookie recipe a while back. I just use them sporadically because I’d hate for them to go uneaten.  So don’t mind adding them to your breakfast bowl. Be creative and replace them with whatever would leave you satisfied.