I could have snapped pictures of this blondilocks until my fingers went numb.  She was entirely unaware that I was capturing every imaginative move that was made.  Not because I was being sneaky Hannah, but because she was so lost in her joy for playing my little pony that nothing else mattered.

As I watched, and listened, and captured (all when I was suppose to be playing rainbow haired pony) I couldn’t help but miss the moments she was living.  Here she was in a room with no noise, no other little ones to keep her company, and still as pleased as ever.

I continued with my camera as she continued with her pony.

I love taking pictures. At times, I feel as though they turn out no better than what little blondilocks here could have done if I handed the camera to her.  I too often take a picture, look at it, judge it, and most oftenly trash it. But somewhere in between the time of envying blodilock’s moment and taking my first picture, I found myself taking another snap immediately after the first. There was no viewing, no judging, and no trashing. Only snapping.

And before I knew it, there were two silent blodilocks in the room, lost, with imaginations too big to envy.