Tonight’s dinner was inspired by the the half used onion that was lingering in my fridge’s vegetable drawer. I feel like a horrible conserver (my Colt says conservationist is a better word choice, but sometimes make-believe words sound better to me), when produce goes bad, so creativity is strongly sought after in the kitchen if I ever sense a vegetable is becoming pruned. Nobody likes prunes; therefore, nobody likes pruned vegetables. Especially vegetarians.

{the onions are hiding}

{my unpruned onion was sliced, diced and sauteed}

{4 ingredients, was all}

{guestamated quantity}

{always my favorite part}

{I want another serving now}

{sprinkled with basil}

{Frank joined}

{licked the plate clean}


It was quite simple. There’s no specifics. Use your own veggies, or don’t use any at all. Cut em big, or leave em small. Pesto for any and everybody, right?

What I used:

oil. tomato. onion. pasta. pesto.

What I did:

diced onion. sauteed onion. diced tomato. heated tomato with sauteed onion. cooked and drained pasta. coated pasta with pesto. added veggies to pasta. served.