I don’t care how early it is, if a cup of tea is involved, i’m an a-okay girl. It’s even better if it’s combined with a page or two from a good book. Talking to a journal also makes for a good cup, but there’s no better combination than tea and rain. Especially when you’ve been living in 100 degree weather for forty days straight. And maybe I didn’t actually hear rain, or see rain this morning, but the raindrops did their share by lasting on my car long enough for me to see. That’s enough to make my morning more soothing than the one before.

Meet the bride. Last night I went with one of my best friends, Casey, to pick up her wedding dress.  There is nothing more special that sharing sweet wedding moments with a bride, especially if there’s a secret involved.

Her day is right around the corner. Stay tuned to see her secret revealed.

Now, I must go enjoy this 80 degree weather before it leaves me for another forty days.