This week it’s been all about the Flat Out flatbread. This is a yummy piece of whole grain that can always be found in my fridge. I love it because it can be your go-to meal or dessert depending on what few other ingredients you combine with it.  Let’s talk a dinner option.

This is my wanna-be version of Grimaldi’s pizza made without sacrificing any flavor.  In fact, my taste buds may have been a little more appreciative than my wallet.

What I used:

flatbread. pesto. mozzarella. baby tomato. sweet onion. bell pepper. fennel seeds.

What I did:

sliced my tomato. ate a slice or two. dice my bell pepper. diced my onion. sautéed onion. spread pesto. sprinkled mozzarella. added veggies. topped with thyme. cooked my pizza. 350 degrees for 6-8 minutes. devoured.

Flat Out dinner was followed with Flat Out dessert.

I buy fuji apples by the ton and eat them like I have my own apple tree. They’re perfectly delicious alone, but could use some assistance from peanut butter every now and then.

What I used:

flatbread. apple. low fat, low cal, low everything butter. cinnamon. honey (because the last spoonful of stevia was used for my morning tea). peanut butter. granola. chia seeds.

What I did:

sliced my apple. peeled my apple. ate my apple peels. heated a smidge of butter. sprinkled cinnamon. drizzled with honey. spread peanut butter. sprinkled granola. garnished with chia seeds. cooked at 350 for 6-8 minutes. wrapped creation. ate creation.

Flat Out can pretty much do it all.