Most of my meals end with something sweet. It’s my odd way of saying “meal well eaten” {inventing your own phrases is fun} Now, usually it doesn’t take more than one baby bite to please the taste buds, but then there’s other times I choose to indulge.  That’s when I turn to dark chocolate.  I love dark chocolate. One, because it’s delicious. And two, because it’s good for my heart. Hearty chocolate, y’all! Dark chocolate is tasty in any form, but nobody does it better than Braum’s. Braum’s does it right by combining dark chocolate with a cappuccino frozen yogurt. D-lightful!

One 4 oz scoop is all it takes.  I will admit, I’ve had my weak moments where I’ve taken the extra 49 cent step and added an extra scoop. I’ve also had my Braum’s fix two days in a row, but those are the times when it’s not so much a “fix” anymore. It looses its indulgence factor.

I’ve learned to find my Braum’s balance. I keep the scoop small and days between visits long.

{don’t worry, my friendly server was aware that he’d be featured in my undiscovered blog}


But respect your tastebuds when you do.