hearty. It’s an adjective with multiple meanings, but one in particular stands out above the others.


adj. heart·i·erheart·i·est

Providing abundant nourishment: substantial

I assume that when most people use this word, they choose to use it when referring to a meal. But why not use it in other ways? Many things can be hearty. Today, I choose to use the adjective however I please. Today, I also choose to create my first hearty blog.  But before my blog, there was was a hearty afternoon shower that involved some chemical free goat’s milk soap that my precious mom gifted me with from here. You can now have a hearty shower yourself! And before that shower was a hearty lunch that was prepared while listening to hearty music. Before lunch there was a morning that began at 5:30 am. If it weren’t for the hearty conversation that was shared with my  sweaty, hard working client, I wouldn’t have survived to see the sun come up. It made for a very hearty morning. In some way or another, each of these ordinary occurrences filled my heart will joy and satisfaction.

And then there was the carrot. Just as I was taking a scrumptious nibble from my hearty carrot, my permanent  retainer popped off. Just like that my completely hearty day was not so complete anymore.  Lesson learned: unhearty things must occur in order to have a healthy balanced hearty day. Remember that!

You must know, I’m no professional writer, chef, photographer, nutritionist, or blogger for that matter, and I’m not on the pursuit to become one. However, these are all things I will share with you as I journey down the road of blogging. My hope is that my random, silly, impulsively irrational posts will leave you inspired to do what satisfies your own heart.

Until next time,

Be hearty!