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I’m hours away from being this girl again, somewhere in Colorado, bewildered by my God’s creation. No make-up will be worn, no phone will be used, no treadmill will be touched, but my camera will not leave my hand.

6 days on mountain.


Today I ate watermelon, but wished it were pumpkin. I want Autumn now! I want Autumn for its colors, its rain, its smell, but mainly for its pumpkin flavors. There are so many recipes I want to try with you guys!

I’ve been daydreaming about all the pumpkin foods I’ve found on Punchfork. Punchfork is the neatest thing.  I simply searched “pumpkin” and all my pumpkin dreams came true.  It saved me from having to separately peak through other great pumpkin making blogs.

September officially marks the month for pumpkin smoothies, soups, spreads, seeds, and granola. The list is never ending. I want to make them all, and I want to make them goodbites, as in healthy, since that’s what we’re all about here at takegoodbites.

Light breakfasts are how I usually do things. When I say light, I mean I’ll grab a banana and hit the road. Bananas, apples, and grapes are my three go-to breakfast grabbers.  For one, because I love fruit.  Two, most mornings don’t allow time to prepare a sit down meal, and three, because when eaten alone, fruit is the stomach’s favorite and easiest thing to digest. Actually, Fit for Life told me that our stomachs don’t even digest fruit. It’s predigested before we even take a bite!  We eat em’ and their flavorful nutrients immediately shoot through our stomachs with no stalling.  Fruit is cleansing, not clogging. (Only G rated terms allowed) This is what makes for a refreshing, energetic morning.  When our stomachs are fresh, we feel fresh.  Kapeesh?

Occasionally, I’m up early enough to grab my fruit, train a couple of clients at the gym, and get back home hours before lunch. In a case like this, my fruit has done its cleansing thing (another G rated term for ya), but breakfast is still on my mind.  That’s when it’s time for nutrient packed breakfast number two. This one, a little more sustaining.


{always wash your produce like your momma says}

{crumbled feta, tomato, spinach, egg, flat out flatbread}


{1. sauté spinach with oil}

{2. add egg whites}

{3. combine with tomato}

{4. sprinkle with feta}

{eat the 5th favorite step}

There’s a typical double breakfast for ya. If a kitchen isn’t available, I’ll keep my favorite granola near by, but sometimes I’ll grab more fruit. Double fruit – Double cleanse.

I’m that type of chef (we’re all chefs) that will buy groceries by the day according to what sounds appealing. I don’t enjoy disrespecting my taste buds by eating something that would displease them. Crazy?  No, because you know we all do it.  We get hungry, make our way to the kitchen, and stare at a fridge full of food we don’t want.  After unwanted food is eaten, we walk away from our nibbled at plate with our irritated face.  I kicked the controlling routine of buying and planning my weekly grocery list after realizing my irritating face had irritated me to my wits end.

Through this discovery I have found eating as an act of service.  I don’t eat just to eat, but eat because it’s what my body needs to function efficiently. I serve my body by fueling it with the nutrients and flavors it asks for.

Now let’s be real, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry and anything sounds delish.  When that’s the case, welp, you’ve saved yourself a trip the grocery store. That’s why I find it fair to always have those few things that are at the top of your list as taste bud pleasers.

When I’ve discovered my cravings, but creativity is lacking in the kitchen, I’ll hobble over to another blog for inspiration. In a case like this, I promise to always give credit where credit is due. Doughing Rogue is one that deserves full recognition for providing a recipe that was exactly what seemed appetizing after yesterday’s long day of heat. I wanted a cold, light, fresh, produce filled meal, and this summer salad made all those eating dreams come true.

{I didn’t know how to cut a mango, but google did}

{almost too fun to eat}

{I tweaked the recipe by spicing my fries up with cayenne pepper}

{the spice of cayenne and sweetness of mango was strangely right}

{lacking protein, but surely not flavor}

oil. salt. cayenne. sweet potato. mango. bell pepper. leafy green romaine. balsamic vinaigrette.

Sometimes our taste buds just don’t line up.

Sometimes I just want an easy meal. Like a just-open-a-can-and-eat kind of meal. I can’t believe I’m about to tell you about a canned food meal! Maybe you’ll cut me some slack because half of it consisted of one of Amy’s soups. All her products are all natural and organic, so you don’t have to be scared about consuming all those nasty chemical germs everyone else puts in their soups.  Soups, for me, only happen on rare occasions.  I have to crave ’em.  I don’t know if it was because the temperature in my house just happened to be cooler than warm or if a two step meal was all I was in the mood for. Maybe it was a little bit of both, but today, I became an intuitive eater and made exactly what my body wanted.

After checking the ingredients on Amy’s soup, I found that the can consisted of two servings that could most likely be eaten in one sitting putting the entire can at 30 grams of sugar! Yikes. Amy advertises the sodium being low, but she failed to mention that she replaces the sodium with sugar. Caught ya, Amy. I fixed the problem by replacing the second serving of soup with protein filled garbanzo beans. After making a switch like that, hunger will keep its distance. Protein curbs hunger, sugar does not.

{half Amy’s – half gobanzo sufficed}

Left overs means I’ll have another easy lunch tomorrow, unless this time my intuition calls for creativity.

Bad things happen. Even to people that tend to only blog about happy days with scrumptious meals.

If a good sweat session has been checked off the day’s list, I can sense my muscles immediately pleading for a rush of protein. That’s when I’ll turn to a protein smoothie. It’s quick, easy, and involves no messes unless you get a little too excited about the chocolate vegan protein that was given to you to sample.  If excitement is involved, you might make a mess, which may lead to blogging about something you had no intention on blogging about.

Somewhere in between suppressing my excitement and finding the perfect lighting for my new food picture taking obsession, the blender lost it’s balance and timbered to the floor with no mercy. I had to say goodbye to my hopes of creating the perfect smoothie, yet remain faithful to you fellow readers.

So a smoothie was replaced with a sweet greek treat. The chia seeds are never ending!

A happy amount of plain greek yogurt. Pass up the flavored greek yogurt. It only adds unwanted grams of sugar.

Unsweetened cocoa power would be just as sufficient. Greek yogurt alone is packed with protein, which is why an additional 20 grams of protein powder was not necessary. No one needs more than 20 grams of protein in one sitting anyway. Unless your protein metabolizer is equivalent to Michael Phelps’.


{frozen nanner}

{sweetened with a generous amount of honey and truvia}

Once it’s mixed, the frozen naners transform the yogurt into what tastes like ice cream. After my first bite, I forget about there even being such a thing as a smoothie.

There will be many more opportunities to create the perfect smoothie, once that new blender arrives in the mail Monday. Bad things may happen, but they won’t stop good things from following.

The camera I use is one my parents gifted me with for my birthday over a year ago. At the time, I was thrilled and knew I’d capture many favorite moments with it. Another birthday passed and that very camera had to be dusted more times than it deserved. Since day one of takegoodbites, I told my birthday camera that never again would it be accompanied by dust.  Thus far, that promise has not been broken, and so the streak continues. 

This is the kind of breakfast you make if you can’t decide between oatmeal, apple with cinnamon, banana with peanut butter, or greek yogurt (bottom layer of the creation), so instead you create a bowl of them all. You’d be surprised as to how many hours will pass before your stomach monster comes back.

What’s in my bowl:

fuji apple. naner. peanut butter. greek yogurt. old fashioned oats. chia seeds.

If I could tell you why I use chia seeds I would, but to me they’re tasteless and birdfoodlookingish.  They’ve sat in my pantry ever since they were used in a cookie recipe a while back. I just use them sporadically because I’d hate for them to go uneaten.  So don’t mind adding them to your breakfast bowl. Be creative and replace them with whatever would leave you satisfied.

I could have snapped pictures of this blondilocks until my fingers went numb.  She was entirely unaware that I was capturing every imaginative move that was made.  Not because I was being sneaky Hannah, but because she was so lost in her joy for playing my little pony that nothing else mattered.

As I watched, and listened, and captured (all when I was suppose to be playing rainbow haired pony) I couldn’t help but miss the moments she was living.  Here she was in a room with no noise, no other little ones to keep her company, and still as pleased as ever.

I continued with my camera as she continued with her pony.

I love taking pictures. At times, I feel as though they turn out no better than what little blondilocks here could have done if I handed the camera to her.  I too often take a picture, look at it, judge it, and most oftenly trash it. But somewhere in between the time of envying blodilock’s moment and taking my first picture, I found myself taking another snap immediately after the first. There was no viewing, no judging, and no trashing. Only snapping.

And before I knew it, there were two silent blodilocks in the room, lost, with imaginations too big to envy.

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by the the half used onion that was lingering in my fridge’s vegetable drawer. I feel like a horrible conserver (my Colt says conservationist is a better word choice, but sometimes make-believe words sound better to me), when produce goes bad, so creativity is strongly sought after in the kitchen if I ever sense a vegetable is becoming pruned. Nobody likes prunes; therefore, nobody likes pruned vegetables. Especially vegetarians.

{the onions are hiding}

{my unpruned onion was sliced, diced and sauteed}

{4 ingredients, was all}

{guestamated quantity}

{always my favorite part}

{I want another serving now}

{sprinkled with basil}

{Frank joined}

{licked the plate clean}


It was quite simple. There’s no specifics. Use your own veggies, or don’t use any at all. Cut em big, or leave em small. Pesto for any and everybody, right?

What I used:

oil. tomato. onion. pasta. pesto.

What I did:

diced onion. sauteed onion. diced tomato. heated tomato with sauteed onion. cooked and drained pasta. coated pasta with pesto. added veggies to pasta. served.

I don’t care how early it is, if a cup of tea is involved, i’m an a-okay girl. It’s even better if it’s combined with a page or two from a good book. Talking to a journal also makes for a good cup, but there’s no better combination than tea and rain. Especially when you’ve been living in 100 degree weather for forty days straight. And maybe I didn’t actually hear rain, or see rain this morning, but the raindrops did their share by lasting on my car long enough for me to see. That’s enough to make my morning more soothing than the one before.

Meet the bride. Last night I went with one of my best friends, Casey, to pick up her wedding dress.  There is nothing more special that sharing sweet wedding moments with a bride, especially if there’s a secret involved.

Her day is right around the corner. Stay tuned to see her secret revealed.

Now, I must go enjoy this 80 degree weather before it leaves me for another forty days.

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